“Don’t ask where I come from, but try to know who I am today, who I will be tomorrow and in the future. What can I say – I am African. I present myself as a musician, painter and human rights activist. As a musician I got influenced by different styles of music, from the traditional African music to the world music. I try to explain with art and music to africans and other people my understanding why Africa is condemned to this dilemma of chronic war and poverty, exploitation, epidemics and pandemias and emigration, which are the reasons causing this chaos in a continent which is actually rich enough to sustain itselfs if there where no external malicious political interference. As a refugee in Germany I moved to one of the countries in which it is most difficult to succeed as a musician, painter, sculptor or in general as african artist. I arrived and saw a lot of frustration in the community of african artists around me, so I decided to do this work alone.”

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